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Laparoscopes HD 10mm/
Laparoscopes 5mm

Laparoscopes HD 10mm/Laparoscopes 5mm

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Olympus has a full range of telescopes to suit your personal preference and clinical application. These include 5 mm and 10 mm versions with 0°, 30° or 45°direction of views. The 5 mm delivers full screen images and the 10 mm is also available in a long 460 mm version to accommodate larger-sized patients. Additionally, a high-definition 10 mm telescope is available with a significantly improved image quality.

Laparoscopes HD 10mm

Sufficient and evenly distributed light is essential for laparoscopy in Gynaecological and Urological Minimally Invasive Surgery. The newly designed optical system in the 10 mm HD laparoscope provides sharp image quality and detailed visualisation of small vessels with low contrasts. The new illumination design with larger relay lens diameter, improves light transfer through the lenses, giving you more precise images even at the edges. With clarity of view over the entire monitor, procedures are less fatiguing for colorectal surgery and general surgery operators.

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Newly designed optical system

Sharp image quality over the entire monitor, with detailed visualisation of small vessels with low contrasts increases accuracy and reduces operator fatigue.

New illumination design

The larger relay lens diameter allows improved image and light transfer through the relay lenses giving you a more precise visualisation.

Improved durability

The new shock-absorbing lens design dramatically increases its resilience to mechanical shocks, reducing maintenance costs.


The materials used in construction of the laparoscope offer long term endurance against thermal stress, for maximum sterility and product lifespan.

Image quality

The Olympus HD 10mm Laparoscope is a complex system of high precision optical components. These HD Optics reduce chromatic aberrations to a minimum, avoiding the blurred boundaries typical in conventional laparoscopes.


Improved image and light transfer through the relay lenses ensures more precise visualisation.


A new shock-absorbing lens design dramatically increases resilience to mechanical shocks.

New spacer design

The new spacer design reduces light reflection effects by 15% compared to the former series, which gives you an even more pure and brilliant image.

Three-part illumination design in laparoscopes HD 10mm

The new fibre arrangement and revolutionary tip design ensures uniform light distribution at 0°, 30° or 45° directions of view, preventing shade effects and eliminating hot spots. The increased distal tip temperature also reduces fogging.

Shock absorbing design

The design is highly shock resistant and incorporates significantly improved durability against lens breakage, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Full screen image

Quality visualisation over the entire monitor reduces operator fatigue during surgery.


The construction materials have long term durability against thermal stress, for maximum sterility time and time again.

Laser welding instead of "TSE" sealing

The new junction between outer tube and main body best fulfils today’s CDS requirements.

Quick lock connection

The Olympus exclusive telescope-camera head connection is precise, safe and easy to attach/detach.

Longer working length

The longer working length compensates for the increased average BMI of patients.

Sand-blasted outer tube

Sand-blasted finishing results in a less scratch sensitive surface.

Lead-free lenses

The use of lead-free lenses reduces the environmental burden associated with optical instruments.

Laparoscopes HD 10mm

  WA53000A WA53005A WA53010A
Total length 383 mm 377 mm 375 mm
Working Length 316 mm 310 mm 307 mm
Direction of View 30° 45°
Field of View 75° 75° 75°
Best Focus 50 mm 50 mm 50 mm
Average weight 178 g 178 g 178 g
Image size Full screen Full screen Full screen
Mask w/o nose w/o nose w/o nose

Laparoscopes 5mm

  WA50372B WA50373B WA50374B
Total Length 365 mm 365 mm 365 mm
Working Length 296 mm 296 mm 296 mm
Outer Diameter 5.4 mm 5.4 mm 5.4 mm
Direction of View 30° 45°
Field of View 70° 70° 70°
Best Focus 30 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Average Weight 140 g 140 g 140 g
HD Autoclavable Camera Head CH-S190-XZ-E/Q

HD Autoclavable Camera Head


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Full HD 3CCD
  • Power Zoom
  • Power Focus
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HD Autoclavable Camera Head OTV-S7ProH-HD-12E/Q

HD Autoclavable Camera Head


  • HDTV
  • NBI
  • Autoclacability
  • Narrow Band Imaging
  • One Touch Zoom
  • Brochure

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