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Bipolar RFITT applicator

Celon ProBreath


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For safe and effective reduction of the hyperplastic nasal concha, with minimal time and resource input, the Celon ENT system with CelonProBreath is the intelligent choice. The minimally invasive procedure takes only minutes and delivers reproducible results, with nasal mucosa protection and very low risk of bleeding.

The Celon ENT system produces reproducible and effective results in an outpatient setting, with speed, safety and simplicity. The CelonProBreath bipolar RFITT applicator enables gentle, repeatable treatment of a range of rhinology conditions by creating precise thermo-lesions, which reduce the volume of hyperplastic nasal concha. Procedures take a few minutes and result in low pain and low risk of bleeding, while protecting the ciliated epithelium and mucous membranes, essential for the proper function of the nose. CelonProBreath is the intelligent solution for routine ENT practice.

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With the use of bipolar electrodes, the radiofrequency current only flows between two poles of the applicator tip. Thus, no grounding pad is needed.


The acoustic impedance feedback gives you total control over the procedure and the auto-stop function enables reproducible treatment results.

Low risk of bleeding

Because of the interstitial application, the mucosa stays intact and there is only a low risk of bleeding. Therefore, no nasal packing is required.


Celon ENT is easy to set-up and gives reliable feedback throughout the procedure, avoiding guessing or counting like with standard devices.


Treatment is possible under local anaesthesia and therefor there is no need to use the operating theatre for procedures.

Time saving

One lesion takes only 6-10 seconds and preparation is minimised compared with laser treatment or with monopolar options, which require a grounding pad.

Benefits for patients

CelonProBreath is ideal for outpatient use with local anaesthesia. Patients benefit from protection of the nasal mucosa and very low bleed risk.


CelonProBreath is the bipolar RFITT applicator for submucosal volume reduction of hyperplastic nasal concha for the treatment of blocked nose and other rhinology applications.

Protecting normal function of the nose

CelonProBreath facilitates submucosal volume reduction of the hyperplastic nasal turbinates by deep coagulation. The ciliated epithelium and mucous membranes, essential for the proper function of the nose, remain intact.

Therapeutic effect

Within a few days of treatment, the body breaks down the coagulated tissue of the nasal concha thereby reducing the volume of the nasal concha and expanding the pathway for the flow of breath.

Temporary swelling is of brief duration

A slight swelling and a temporary impairment of nasal breathing may initially occur after the procedure due to the decomposition process taking place, but this is only of brief duration.

Simplicity and convenience

Procedures can normally be carried out under local anaesthesia, which reduces clinical resource requirements and enhances patient convenience.


The applicator CelonProBreath is pushed to the rear end of the concha. Stepwise retraction and repeated energy emission generate a continuous submucosal thermo-lesion along the entire length of the concha body.

Easy placement

The markings on the bipolar RFITT applicator make correct placement easier for additional coagulation. Purely submucosal treatment is also possible, in which the ciliated epithelium remains intact.

Reduced bleeding

As the entire puncture channel is coagulated right up to the point of insertion, there is little tendency to bleed, so swabs are usually not required.

Gentle, repeatable and precise

CelonProBreath enables gentle, repeatable outpatient treatment that creates precise and reproducible thermo-lesions. Procedures take a few minutes and result in low pain, low risk of bleeding and protection of the ciliated epithelium.

Bipolar electrodes

The bipolar electrode configuration of the RFITT applicator allows the treatment area to be precisely defined, as the radiofrequency current flows exclusively between the two poles of the applicator tip.

Soft coagulation

The precisely defined tissue area is heated to approximately 80° Celsius by the radiofrequency current and is therefore thermally denatured in a tissue sparing and controlled way. Soft coagulation is generally achieved after just a few seconds.

Applicator tip conical
Electrode diameter 1.1 mm
Shaft length 100 mm
Grip length 140 mm
Cable length 3 m
Permissible power range 0-25 Watt
Intelligent Power Control Unit for ENT CELON ELITE

Intelligent Power Control Unit for ENT


  • Smart Mode Selection for Procedure-Oriented Treatment
  • Smart Tissue Monitoring for Safe and Efficient Procedures
  • Smart User Interface Saves Personalized Settings and Time
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Generator Celon Lab ENT


Celon Lab ENT

  • Fully Bipolar for safe out-patient treatment
  • Minimally Invsaive
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Bipolar RFITT applicator Celon ProSleepPlus

Bipolar RFITT applicator

Celon ProSleepPlus

  • Used in the soft palate and root of the tongue
  • Safety control
  • Low risk of breeding
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